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A workspace for questions

The workspace gives you an overview of all the questions that your organisation is working. It can be together with colleagues, mentors, customers or partners.

Ask questions to get insights

You can add questions that you are working on in your organisation.

Create content and collaborate

The board enables you to engage with collaborators in design-driven processes for questions and develop your skills in complex problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

Our team

Mikkel Wessel Nielsen 🇩🇰

Dedicated to questioning and responsible for building our platform.

Hans Dybdal Jessen 🇩🇰

Hooked on business development and responsible for operations.

Emily Fusco 🇺🇸

Purpose-driven storyteller and responsible for marketing.

Josh Spaeth 🇺🇸

Passionate about business data and responsible for platform benefits.

Niklas Sachs Tastum 🇩🇰

Developer of our platform and responsible for user experience.

Nikolaj Falk Jonassen 🇩🇰

Developer of our platform and responsible for implementation.

Rune Kock Lind 🇩🇰

Developer of our platform and responsible for delivery pipeline.