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Engage with people

Why should we ask questions? Questions are more shareable and engaging, and the kind of questions we ask determine the level of thinking we develop in a conversation.

Collaborate together

What is a good question? A good question should lead the recipient on a journey and be structured in a way that a range of responses are anticipated. Our platform enables you to create questions and invite collaborators.

Make questions clear

Do you have a strategy for questions? We found that people who strategically prepare and follow up on questions are more succesful in exploring other peoples' perspectives and creating a common understanding.

Our team

Mikkel Wessel Nielsen 🇩🇰

Dedicated to questioning and responsible for building our platform.

Hans Dybdal Jessen 🇩🇰

Hooked on business development and responsible for operations.

Emily Fusco 🇺🇸

Purpose-driven storyteller and responsible for marketing.

Josh Spaeth 🇺🇸

Passionate about business data and responsible for platform benefits.

Niklas Sachs Tastum 🇩🇰

Developer of our platform and responsible for user experience.

Nikolaj Falk Jonassen 🇩🇰

Developer of our platform and responsible for implementation.

Rune Kock Lind 🇩🇰

Developer of our platform and responsible for delivery pipeline.