The Interactive Questioning Platform for Business Professionals

Engage with people

We enable business professionals to engage with people in a simple and effective way on interactive boards with various components such as questions, notes, lists, images, videos, links, and meeting arrangements.

Collaborate together

We provide a secret link to all interactive boards for collaboration in teams and we have implemented multi-factor authentication to ensure easy and secure access to information without having to create a user account.

Make questions clear

We found that questions is a useful tool to explore other peoples’ perspective. They can be used to discover what is important and create a common understanding about the current situation and future activities.

Our team

Mikkel Wessel Nielsen 🇩🇰

Dedicated to questioning and responsible for building platform.

Hans Dybdal Jessen 🇩🇰

Hooked on business development and responsible for operations.

Emily Fusco 🇺🇸

Purpose-driven storyteller and responsible for marketing.

Josh Spaeth 🇺🇸

Passionate about business data and responsible for platform benefits.